AMO integrates knowledge and experience of the maritime and offshore oil & gas industry and the onshore recycling industry. The interconnection of both industries integrates the decommissioning process and bridges the gap between late life operations that require complementary services in preparation of removal and recycling and the removal and recycling operation itself.

Realising that Clients in decommissioning  must have documented evidence that the installation is removed in its entirety and recycled in a safe way and environmental sound manner, AMO provides a solution by offering specialist and business services during the early stages of the decommissioning process and integrated services for the entire removal and recycling operation.

As such AMO provides for all services that are related to decontamination and cleaning, dismantling, and recycling and disposal, creating transparency throughout the decommissioning supply-chain and keeping the waste streams documented and auditable so that materials can be traced to their final destination.

AMO published reports on decommissioning. The January 2016 report includes a market analysis on platforms in the North Sea and detais opportunities for dismantling facilities. The September 2017 report forecasts decommissioning expenditures for removal and onshore recycling of platforms, and describes the challenges in waste management to better address the liabilities in respect of waste.

AMO provides the following services

  • Market intelligence & analysis
  • Decommissioning & recycling plans
  • Dismantling, recycling, waste management
  • Remediation of hazardous materials
  • Decontamination and cleaning of process and utility systems
  • Inventorying hazardous materials
  • Project and interface management
  • Support in transfrontier shipments of waste
  • Supervision onshore and offshore waste management
  • Preparing platforms for removal
  • Yard development