Illegal activities at sea as piracy, arms and human trafficking, illegal fishing, transport of narcotics, etc. mostly originate from an inadequate maritime law enforcement capability due to lack of central authority and forms of state security or national defense that would have otherwise stopped the impunity and protected the coast and coastal waters. Hence, one can wonder why this is the case in light of modern technology to track vessels at sea and in view of the man-of-war deployed by international forces in humanitarian crises and to deter, prevent and repress illegal activities.

In reality, the conditions that promote illegal activities at sea and allow it to continue are not significantly different than those we have observed throughout history. However, security operations at sea do fundamentally differ from land based activities.

AMO provides an integral concept approach that besides the development and building of coastguard vessels, includes the building of an equipped onshore support organization for vessel management, command & control, gathering intelligence and surveillance, but also and most important the education and training of marine crew and onshore personnel.