Rotterdam, 06 October 2016

Publication of report on offshore decommissioning

Atlantic Marine and Offshore B.V. publishes a new report on offshore decommissioning in the North Sea. This report presents the findings of an analysis of the decommissioning market, and forecasts associated decommissioning expenditures for the removal of offshore installations and their subsequent onshore dismantling and waste treatment.
It concentrates on offshore installations located in North Sea waters on the continential shelves of the Netherlands, Norway and the United Kingdom.

The indicated decommissioning expenditures for 'Making safe', 'Removal', and 'Onshore disposal' account for 40-50% of the total cost for well abandonment and decommissioning. Chapter 5 outlines a market profile for each country, detailing the operational status of hydrocarbon fields and offshore installations and indicating their type, age and projected lifespan. The prospects are based on a probability assessment to determine market potential of offshore installations eligible for decommissioning.

The extent of the term 'disposal' is explained in light of the E&P operator's legal retirement obligations, and insight provided how to clear the E&P operator from its legal obligations and liabilites in respect of waste in the safest and most environmentally sound way by applying the waste hierarchy in waste treatment operations.
Chapter 2 explains waste management terminology in detail and evaluates alternatives like reefing and repurposing installations for offshore wind. Management practices are evaluated and a service model is propagated that allows for early involvement of the recycling contractor in the decommissioning process, and enhances further integration between the  major supply-chain actors to better address the scope of work and demarcate responsibilities and liabilities.

Available equipment of offshore contractors and dismantling facilities bordering the North Sea are detailed in Chapter 3.

Chapter 6 (page 80) gives a summary of the report.

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