Rotterdam, 26 January 2016

Publication of report on offshore decommissioning

Atlantic Marine and Offshore B.V. publishes report on Offshore Decommissioning market potential in the North Sea associated market demands and opportunities for dismantling facilities. 

The reason to conduct this study was the lack of fundamental and practical, to the point studies that clearly demonstrate market potential and provide technical requirements for receiving offshore installations and subsequent dismantlement and disposal. By creating the ability to evaluate economic and technical pros and cons this report provides companies and policy makers with substantial information to justify their position in light of a new business strategy or port policy.

The report provides for a thorough technical market analysis of all offshore installations in North Sea waters on the continental shelfs of the Netherlands, Norway and United Kingdom on basis of a probability assessment. The probability of decommissioning earmarks offshore installations that are candidates for decommissioning indicating their potential in numbers, tonnage, variation in weight distribution, type, production/design life and expected timeframe of removal.

Insight in the demands for the offshore decommissioning supply chain that are dictated by current market potential is provided for. Technical requirements are formulated for dismantling facilities with regard to accessibility, capacity and capability to comply with rules and regulations and to be capable of receiving, dismantling and disposing of offshore installations in a safe and environmentally sound manner. Suitable locations for dismantling facilities around the North Sea are appointed. In addition, on basis of current market potential the concept for the most feasible heavy lift vessel in offshore decommissioning is suggested.

Current day practices in decommissioning are evaluated and different project management strategy and integrated service model are proposed to instigate the early involvement of dismantling facilities in the decommissioning process, to enhance collaboration in the supply-chain and to better address liabilities associated with the scope of dismantling and disposal.

It recommends the integration of dismantling and disposal services so that the dismantling and disposal scope can be allotted to one contractor [dismantling facility] allowing for its continuous involvement throughout the entire decommissioning process, of which will enhance interface management, allows for better specification of the scope, and demarcates liabilities more clearly.

The report is supported by a database of all offshore installations that links operators to installations, technical data to installations, installations to fields, and fields to end of field life or design life data. This business potency file will help identify key clients of dismantling facilities that are willing to move forward.

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